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Kettlebell switch swing

Posted: Thursday, May 14th, 2009

As I am writing this, I am trying to get the taste of Steak out of my mouth. Seriously, I never thought I would enjoy pieces of steak at 8am. These days I could probably consume a 10oz slab of meat easily by the time many of you are just rolling out of bed! Steph The Grilling Gourmet was on the show this morning and had some fun ideas for the BBQ, with stuffed steak and smoked cheesecake. By the way, over the course of the last few months I have been taking many of the cooking ideas home with me from all the chefs on the show and even last night my mom took notice of all the new dishes I seem to be serving. Eventually I think this cooking thing might actually catch on! My problem is, is that I do it all by memory, I’m not the recipe kind of girl….so as I am conducting these interviews I am trying to recall exactly what they are using so that I can repeat it hours later. This is when a dash of this and that comes into play let alone using items not on the list!


Back on the show with us today was Lauren Scott showing us some more kettlebell movements. Lauren is a personal trainer at the GoodLife Fitness Club at Strandherd and Greenbank. She has been walking us through some of the basic movements of the kettlebell and each week is offering us some alternatives as well as some more difficult moves to try. I’ll get to the bruising in a few blogs from now!!!! Today we worked on the kettlebell switch swing or hand to hand swing: Here is the information she passed on:


.       Hand to Hand Swing

Progressing kettlebell exercises to more challenging movements. Working on your hand eye coordination as well as challenging your stability.  As you bring the kettlebell up in the double handed swing, switch to a single handed swing as the kettlebell is up and weightless.


As usual Lauren suggests using the kettlebells in timed increments rather than by counting a certain amount of reps. She suggests anywhere from 30-50 seconds.


For those of you who need some more information on the kettlebell here is a ‘How to” from the web!



For more information on Lauren you can email her at


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